Sunday, May 14, 2006

Daughter Of Rambo

This is doodle I've created for a great website called son of rambo. Not sure if they'll like it though! Its 80s inspired at least, but as I was a little girl back then. It was more about care bears and gummi bears rather than Big Arnie and Sly Stallone with big guns and explosions. Actually I think the 80s sucked and the current trend with 80s influenced electronic music and fashion makes me wanna scream with frustration. At least next decade will be the nineties revival... Which leads me to believe it'll be an actual 1960/70s revival. Hmmmm.... But at least I'll be able to find myself a decent pair of bellbottoms as I wore out my beloved ones in the late 90s and so I'm actually waiting for the next decade in anticipation so I can repair my long lost wardrobe.

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