Friday, June 02, 2006

Off work sick

...Because my right hand is in Pain City. I'm writing with my left hand whilst my other is bandaged up to my elbow. I've got to rest it until nursey can take a look at it. I think I've messed up a tendon in my hand from working too long without a break. Stupid tablet... I can't even hold a pencil without a shooting pain going up my right arm. I'm so bored and there's so much I wanted to work on over the weekend too. I tried doing some sudoku puzzles to pass the time, but the numbers look weird like a toddler's scribble because my inferior left hand is totally rubbish and now countdown is on and Des will probably bore me into a little sleepy.


lorna said...

hello MadameBogg- terrible to hear about your arm. Eeek, what a nightmare. I hope a bit of rest makes it right as rain.

If you liek sudoku, you should do them online on the New Scientist website:

you can't jot down all the possible numbers but it is lots of fun to do in your head. Helps you to spot the patterns.

Get well wishes.


Unknown said...

Oow! Thanks for that, Lorna!
I'm feeling better and I'm back at work now. My arm is out of the support I was wearing. I'll be checking out that sudoku site during my breaks (I really should start taking more of them)