Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Christmas Card Blunder

I thought it'd be a good idea to make my own Christmas cards this year and half way through this attempt I knew it wasn't going to work... However I read somewhere that you should always finish your projects, so I preserved and I still don't like it. Ha! I should have stuck with a comfortably safe snowman or 'Lil Baybeee Jeeesus (Aw bless!).


natural attrill said...

I like her hat!
p.s. been waiting for some more of your funny birds, how about some robins?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I like the card. The sweetness of it appeals to me the most.

Chris.P said...

You are selling yourself a bit short. I'm sure loads of people would love that card.

Mine came back from 'Photobox' a bit blurry so its back to the drawing noard fopr me:¬(

ladysnail said...

i think she looks very christmassy-i love her hat!