Saturday, October 20, 2007

Indiepublic ACEO Swap

Indiepublic is a website community for independent crafters, artists and designers. It operates like myspace where you have your own page which you can customise with photos and graphics and a networking system so you can befriend and link to other users on the site and join groups and discussions. These ACEOs are my contribution to a swap that the ACEO group have organised. In a few weeks time I should receive 2 mystery ACEOs! I wonder what they'll be like.

I also want to show off these FANTASTIC robotfish stickers that Ladysnail very kindly sent me this week. The stickers are hand painted, not prints like I was expecting. They are so strange and beautiful, I have some above my computer so they are looking down on me as i work.


inspector_marmalade said...

Debs does some amazing fish, I thought she was kidding when she said they were painted on dictionary paper, I have three on my sketchbook that regularly check up on me to see if Im doing work ^_^ I really like your little paintings they have such nice hair, do you use acrylics when you paint or watercolours?

natural attrill said...

I like your girls, lovely blue hair.
Ladysnails robot fish are great arent they - I have just bought some on the page of an old book, I'll post pic on our blog soon.

Marisa said...

Hello Marmalade!
On these ACEOS I used acrylics for the girls in the foreground and watercolours in the background.