Friday, November 30, 2007

Two Felt Squirrels

These two squirrels are very small. The red one is 2.5 inches and the grey upright fella is about 3 inches tall. Our neighbour works for the RSPB and always put nuts and seeds out for the birds. This attracts LOADS of squirrels but I think they're really cool, I like watching their little circus. Their tails are so twitchy and furry. I have no idea why so many people dislike them.

I'm knitting a scarf for Jack too and it's almost finished, so I can post a piccie when that's done, then I intend to make some more birdies.


natural attrill said...

I love watching wild birds, I used to put nuts out for them, but not for a while now, should start again.
Cute little squirrels!

Garreth said...

Don't let them mix! That's how the red ones got wiped out!