Monday, January 28, 2008

Pink Rabbit Plushie

Yes I know I was going to make a ferret next! The pattern is all sketched out and I want to start on him soon, but I wanted to make another rabbit to try and sort out the nose problem that I had with the first one, and to try using a different material. Again, she's all hand-sewn and she's about 5 inches tall. My neighbour gave me some old buttons and ribbon that she no longer wants, so I've tied a bit around her neck too.


Garreth said...

These are all great, but... Has the boat sailed on Felt Godzilla (King Of The Felt Monsters)?

natural attrill said...


natural attrill said...

Lovely purple fabric, really cute character.

ladysnail said...

so lovely.the fabric is beautiful. dx.

Pea said...

Hi Madame B,

I've not visited you in a while and am so impressed by all the plush toys you've made. They're really beautiful. How long do they take you to make? x

Marisa Bogg said...

Hi Pea!
Nice to hear from you! It's been a while! Oh, these things can take ages, I think the bunny took about 4 hours. I handsew everything, so I should sort myself out and get a machine, but I've no room in my flat for one! Argh! Nevermind huh?