Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Handmade Dinosaurs

Oh no! The weather forecast for Saturday is thunder storms! Not very good for my craft stall at the summer fayre. I hope they've got their predictions all wrong.
I've photographed some of my newest critters, so I'll have lots of pictures to post over the next few weeks. I've decided to slow down with the sewing now, it's wearing me out and I think I have plenty of things for the weekend. It was a big worry for me... Not having enough items to sell. Now the problem is if people decide not to turn up because of rain! Grrr. At least if nobody shows or buys anything then I can list them on-line at my Etsy shop. I've been neglecting that for a bit, but normal service will resume by August.

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natural attrill said...

What fab colours they both are!