Friday, August 29, 2008

Parrot Stuffie

Tomorrow I'm going to a pirate fancy dress party and I've made myself a parrot to safety-pin on to my shoulder. I'm so pleased with him and I've called him Cocopetal after the Tao's parrot (a character from the epic 1980's cartoon series, "The Mysterious Cities of Gold"). He took ages to make, about 7 or 8 hours, but you can see every handmade stitch and I love his little wings! I've kept the templates, so I might make some more and sell them on Etsy, but this little guy ain't for sale!


RheLynn said...

I love your parrot! Your style comes shining through in each new creation.

Your little fox will forever be endeared to my heart even though I just saw him in pictures ;) *KNITOWL*

jessie said...

I love your parrot!!!! Just gorgeous :)

natural attrill said...

I think this is one of my favourites of all your soft creations. Really cute and characterful, lovely!

Beadaciously Yours said...

This little parrot is fabulous! What detail and gorgeous color! The little guy has personality!

KARA said...

he is so cute, you should be proud pat on the back.
I thought I would let you know I am pregnant with a baby boy, so next month I shall have to get you to make me one of your adorable toys for him, only the best

Melusine said...

SharonB sent me to you and I just have to save that I love your parrot ... he is soooo cute! Lovely piece of stitching