Sunday, March 04, 2012

Just a Jester Illustration

It's Sunday, it's raining... What do you do? Do some doodling whilst watching 'The Mysterious Cities of Gold' of course. My boyfriend suggested a jester character. I decided to stick to pencil and watercolours. It's a very soft image, I wonder if I should start using a black pen to do my outlines? I've totally lost the plot when it comes to using real paints, I've been using the computer to do my day to day artwork for so long, I finding welding a paintbrush a bit baffling!


Ruby's said...

And if this is the result with you being baffled, I can only imagine a masterpiece with you at ease. I loved this post of yours. I love this cute little jester.

Norwegianstitch said...

I love it, just as it is now :o)

Regards Linda

Osias R. Barliso Jr said...

so cute....

condo in ortigas philippines said...

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DW Peot said...

I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled across your blog and "literally" fell head over heels for your work! I think outlining him in ink would be awesome! But, I like him just the way he is right now too. Maybe make a color copy of him and outline on that to see how you like it? I'm a follwer now!