Friday, July 06, 2012

New pens

I've got some new pens. Dip pens. There are so many nibs to play with and they are so cheap I decided to buy a selection from the Art centre in Bedford. 

I don't really hold my pen 'properly'. At school I was still writing with a pencil when everyone else had advanced to using ink. I use it in my right hand but hold it like a left hander. This makes the line very scratchy.

So this is taking some getting use to. With the finer nibs I draw a line and no mark is made because of my cack-hand. However, when the mark is made, especially with a really fine line... It looks really tasty, if a little shaky.

Here are a few experiments from my sketchbook using my new toys.

Drawing hair with super fine nibs was fun.

This bear is my favourite!


Bubbling Arroyo said...

The first picture is so lovely. In fact all of them are pretty. I guess you handled the nibs pretty well.

PashaCou said...

I think you did a great job with all of them but I have to admit the one at the top is my fav, lol.
Thank you for sharing such awesome talent with us.

Kathy Salazar said...

Thank you for teh cute illustrations! I too love the bear & the long haired girl too-

Deonna Bemish said...

your work is wonderful! thanks for sharing.

mother of the bride suits said...

Like your post very much, the pictures are beautiful, so great, thank you!