Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hand Embroidery With Cheap Thread.

Some time ago on Ebay I bought a bumper amount of embroidery thread at a low price in various shades and colours and I was pretty chuffed with my purchase... until today! When I washed away the soluble paper after I had stitched the design ( I had spent many hours stitching whilst watching Olympics this week), the bright blue dye on one of the threads bled uncontrollably like a broken fountain pen. It has stained my material. Argh! Two technical blunders in as many projects. Perhaps fate is telling me to give up!

 It doesn't look too bad, I suppose, but it is annoying.

 I like Meagan Ileana's hand embroideries. She uses clean lines with painted watercolour to shade parts of the background. I'm not sure how she stops the paint from getting out of control and bleeding all over the cloth, maybe it's something to experiment with.

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Bubbling Arroyo said...

It definitely hurts to see such a beautiful piece getting all the colors. It might get worse with every wash though. you will have to be careful and this is a lovely embroidery otherwise.