Friday, November 30, 2012

An Illustration of My Allotment

This has been the first full year of having my own allotment, so here is a little illustration to celebrate. It's been a hard year for gardeners apparently, but I did manage to successfully grow a few tasty things like cabbage greens, sunflowers, parsnips, potatoes, lettuces and courgettes amongst other things that I wouldn't have room for in my courtyard garden at home. For the purpose of the drawing I've been a little bit creative with the truth...

My pumpkins weren't as huge as this!

My watering can isn't as funky as this.

There is an allotment cat who always says hello when I'm there. I don't know it's real name but I call him Licorice. He's really black and white with a big black patch on his mouth and I've never seen him wear a sun hat.

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