Friday, March 29, 2013

Flipbooks In Bedford

My animation of a dancing bunny
On the 26th of March the Circus of Illustration met up for our regular Drink and Draw. We were at The Embankment in Bedford. The bar staff were really friendly and they gave us a private back-room which had more space for us to spread out with our books and pens. We also had some new attendees! They had seen our facebook page and had come along to see what we did (which, is to simply to drink and draw!)

Scarlett had a great idea to make Easter theme flipbooks. Which was fun to do in it's own right, but Onorio, being the tech wizard, had his iphone to hand. Using an app called Jittergram, he captured each frame in our 8 page flip-books and managed to animate them right there in the pub.

It was incredible seeing our drawings come to life so instantly! Above is the animation I did, powered by a pint of Bombardier. If you want to see the rest, check out The Circus of Illustration website.

Happy Easter!

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Ruby Manchanda said...

Interesting project