Thursday, July 25, 2013


The second fanzine by The Circus of Illustration
Foldees By The Circus of Illustration
A Cute Little Illustrated A-Z Guide to Bedford written and illustrated by me!

Bedpop is a one-day-only pop-up shop at Bedford's tourist information centre that's showcasing unique products by Bedford designers and crafters. We'll be selling unusual yet beautiful creations about Bedford. It's part of the Bedford High Street Festival.

The Circus of illustration are selling gorgeous copies of our new fanzine 'On The Water' and DIY paper dolls (or 'foldees') of some famous people from Bedford's past and present. There's Dave the mayor, Olympic gold medalist, Etienne Stott and cricketer Alistair Cook (to name a few).

Scarlett and Kristina from the Circus will be leading a foldee workshop on the day too, so go between 2pm and 4pm to learn how to design and make your own. Wow your friends with your creativity! 

I've written and illustrated a cute A-Z guide to Bedford, where I share all the places and activities I personally love to do in my home town. Hopefully people will read it and realise what a wonderful town we live in.

Check out the amazing illustrated tea set by Lisa Tilley at Uoldbag too!

Bedpop is on Saturday 27th July at Bedford Tourist Infomation Centre between 9:30am - 4pm. 

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