Thursday, August 24, 2006

Green Man

I've been away at the Green Man folk festival in Wales and it was pretty marvelous although a tad wet and scary in my little tent on the first stormy night. It gradually brightened up though and the music was great and the people who I camped with were very very lovely indeed. I just wish I was still there, but imagine how stinky I'd be by now... And my hair would be crawling. Highlight of the festival for me would be a film we watched in the cinema tent called Vali. Its a "documentary" about a 1960s witchy reclusive who lived in some grotto in Italy and freaked out the local children with her hippy attire and orange birds nest hair-do. She also had a wild/pet fox (don't ask, but she like rubbing her face in his fur). Ahh cute. Apart from the fleas, of course. And she collected really ugly dolls. And she was probably the most bizarre lady I have ever seen. I wonder what she's doing now?

I've been neglecting my little blog and there's an increasing back log of little projects that I'd said I'd do for people. Argh! Sorry!


Aeris Presley said...

I've just noticed that you wrote a review for the Channel 4 site - cheers! I don't check that one as often as I should.

Instantiable said...

Wow, cool one, as usual. The people you are doing stuff for must be really lucky ;-)

Have a great day, keep up the great work!

tlc illustration said...

The Green Man is one of my favorite archetypal figures. How fun to be able to go to a festival sort of remininscent of that! I love the music that tends to gravitate to those folks festivals. They have a huge "Folk Life" festival every year in downtown Seattle that is absolutely surreal with the amount of *very interesting* people and musicians and attendees it attracts. Love going.

Quincy Wong said...

i want to see that documentary, there use to be a woman like this who lived near me, in what was basically a big shed in the middle of a field. All us kids thought she was a witch and apperently she had a son called 'Ajax', a ginger tramp who once stabbed a farmer with a pitchfork.
Then one kid told everybody he ventured near her den, and she actually gave him a mars bar, and even chopped it into small segments so it would easily fit into his childs mouth.
So she was probly just a nice old lady who just wanted to live in a field. Eventually she was removed and made to live in a house, but you could still see her for years, maybe even to this day, making this long journey on foot to where her old house was.
A crap story maybe, but its true.

natural attrill said...

These birds are brill, what are you going to do with them? there must be a story brewing?
Penny. x

Quincy Wong said...

thanks for the link, my girlfriend and sister play zelda, but i cant find the patience. But the picture was amaizing, a great inspiration for me, thanks.

Here is a link in return, dont know if its cute enough for you but i found it incredible, browse the gallery-

Mino said...

Great style MadameBogg! I like the vulture illustration...I link yur blog! Baci dall'ITALIA

Mino said...

Great illustrations MadameBogg!
I link your Blog...SALUTI DALL'ITALIA

the enigma said...

your birds are sooo beautiful, love it very much!! i never know how to paint birds' feathers with watercolor.