Monday, August 07, 2006

Two budgies

Thanks to Penny for suggesting, budgie in a trilby. I don't know why but I find birds in hats all so amusing. I think I'm going to start adding colour to these critters, but they need to look more ridiculous! If anyone can help me out with more stupid/ genius combinations, that'll be great. Also, Garreth has kindly sent me a ludicrous link involving some sparrows dressed up looking stupid. I like it a lot.


Instantiable said...

-Lacy Bra
-Cat Mask
-Devil Horns (costume style)
-"Just do it" t-shirt
-"I don't speak dummy" t-shirt
-A clown nose
-Those glasses that have the open eyes printed on them
-Those really big sunglasses some girls wear
-A bow-tie
-A necktie that doesn't fit right
-A gold '$' chain
-An oversized clock necklace
-A badge
-Wing decals
-An afro wig
-Cat ears
-Santa Claus Outfit
-Witches hat
-Yoda ears
-A fake pregnant stomach (human)
-A pig snout
-A strap-on camel hump
-A saddle
-A foil (fencing sword)
-A jet pilot helmet
-An operator's microphone
-Mime makeup
-A big bird mask (full head)

Ok, I'm tired. This was a great idea, I'd help if I had any artistic ability =P

Madamebogg said...

Oh wow!
These are great suggestions! I like the afro wig idea and the cat mask one. This should keep me busy for ages! Ta loads!

Debbie said...

This made me smile, and such a great idea.
Check out of photos of pigeons wearing hats.
Can't think of any suggestions, apart from Magpies in balaclavas with swag bags and Wood pigeons wearing hoodies.

Diane Duda said...

Thanks for your comment. Love your birds in hats (also vistited the sparrows and laughed). I've been to your blog before, but never found my way back. I'll bookmark it now so that does not happen again. Really love your skyline for IF!!!

Garreth said...

Something - anything - in whatever hat The Undertaker wears. I think it's a fedora, but I may be wrong. Also, despite being an obvious choice, stetsons enliven any picture.

Instantiable said...

It would be so fun to color one of your pieces.

natural attrill said...

These characters would make a great story, can imagine that policeman keeping an eye on those 2 budgies. I keep thinking of knitting, washing lines, gossiping birds in aprons..
I am looking forward to seeing more!

macworkerbee said...

This image has a real sensitivity to it that makes it work for me. It just seems like the hats belong in the image and it gives it a certain amount of class. Good job.