Thursday, February 22, 2007

Freedom magazine

Here are some pages from an article I was in from Freedom magazine, which is published in Taiwan. Its about working in the design industry and where I live in the UK. In it I talk about working as an in-house greeting cards illustrator and my personal work I do when I'm not at work, which has been published! I also talk about Bedford and what I enjoy doing in my free time.


natural attrill said...

Congratulations for being published, shame I cant read what it says.
You look like your little girl with the cake!!

Anonymous said...

Either I'm drunk again, or that's in a language I don't know. Very impressive though. Do you perchance have a translation?

Shano said...

Congratulations on being published! Your work looks great. So colorful and sweet! Wishing you continued success!!

simon wild said...

Hi There. Your work is beautiful and congratulations on being published. Do you know where I can get a copy of Freedom Magazine?