Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Softer side

Working as an in-house cute illustrator for greeting cards means that the illustrations I produce have to keep up with trends. When I joined 2 years ago bears were getting tired, now bears are back (thanks to Forever Friends... grrr). Working digitally enables me to try a whole range of different media in Photoshop and Painter, but they operate differently. For example, colours don't interact and blend the same way when you layer then up, you end up faking it. Watercolour is fashionable at the moment in cutes and I've been playing with different brushes to get the look and fool people into thinking they're seeing a traditional painting.
This image was made digitally at home using the similar techniques and brushes I'm also using at work. Its good to see a bogg-girl in a softer style.


natural attrill said...

This is interesting to see, thanks for showing us. Its good to see you creating such a variety of styles, clever you!
p.s. I saw your Pickles yesterday, lovely work.

Diane Duda said...

lovely colors!!!