Monday, May 28, 2007

Panda Plushie

This bank holiday it's been raining all bloomin' day and Jack is rehearsing so I've been in the flat all by myself listening to the Beirut album. Swirly accordions and ukuleles and sunny brass section. Makes my head swim its so gorgeous! Anyway, I decided to try something slightly different with the egg shaped things that I've been messing around with. A cute panda. I'm in the middle of another doll too. I hope she comes out as well as the last one. I'm planning on making her face bit bit more detailed this time. It takes so long! I wish I had a sewing machine sometimes, but I don't have the brains nor the space in the flat to use one!


natural attrill said...

I really like Beirut as well !

Catalina Alvarez said...

Oh! this panda is adorable!
great blog!

Unknown said...

This is soo cute and pretty!!

Cassia Beck said...

That panda is so cute!
I also love Beirut, I put his video on my blog.

Lunabee said...

Really cute Marisa, and so unusual! Love them! x