Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mazestock 2007

Ah, it's Mazestock time again. Its a huge private party we throw for all our friends every summer. This is the party invitation. As we have bands playing this year I've tried to combine a folky festival theme with the maze theme. Info is sketchy, but as the flyer is public we don't want a herd of unruly drunks crashing it and doing a "Racheal Bell" on us all. It's all done on photoshop. I scanned in a load of felt and used it as a texture on a design that was created in Illustrator.

1 comment:

Tommy-Rocket said...

I'm loving your little boggers!
Good luck with the etsy shop!
I've got to get my finger out and make some more stuff.
I'm just being to un-prolific at the mo!