Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yellow Bear

I draw bears all day at work, but not like this! I thought I'd try using pens on gouache, but the nibs scratch into the paint and get clogged up. I suppose a real artist would have told me that and I wouldn't have wasted my time! Anyway, the colours look great, gouache is so flat and bright. I've left paint off in some parts so you can see the cardboard underneath,,, On his mussel and tummy. I enjoy embellishing these latest paintings with swirls and patterns with my pens, so the next bear will be in acrylics I think.

Also, there's new embroidery designs over at Bunnycup. 10 Cute ponies!!!


natural attrill said...


I like the purple background in this design, and also the cardboard showing through.

I see you have picked a 'colour co-ordinated' purple pony to match your bear!!

Hope work is going well for you?

I have just put your red girl painting on our blog, I love it!


ladysnail said...

hello madamebogg. this painting is amazing! just wondering if you would be selling this piece or doing some others with bears on? how much would it be or would you be able to do one similar? please dont publish this post-my email is thank you! deb.x.