Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another Painting

Today I really must go and but some more paint because at the moment I quite obviously have a very limited palette! I've enjoyed painting all the swirls, curls and dots and dashes on this one. Very therapeutic. And making splodges with a paintbrush is very satisfying too, much more so than trying to do the same thing with a wacom tablet.
Also, Sarah from Real Illustrators showed me a link to an article featuring a panda plushie I made recently. Which you can read here:


Chris.P said...

I think the illo looks great. The complimentary colours make it zing, (do people say 'zing' anymore?). The textures are really interesting as are the patterns.

natural attrill said...

These paintings of yours are getting better and better, if they can! I really love them, especially as they are a limited colour pallette. Cant wait to see more!

(thanks for the card. x)