Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Shadow is a black Staffie. His owner, Miss bunny (bunny.etsy.com), very kindly asked me to do a portrait of him in the sort of doodly line style I was playing with on a couple of ACEOs. I was really honored to do artwork for her, as she is an amazing artist in her own right! Extremely talented. Have you seen the shoes she makes? Goodness me! Go and have a look!


natural attrill said...

Thats great - somehow it's even more special when another artist commissions you isnt it!

Mulot said...

Lesson one: mum is in the kitchen... my tailor is rich...
Sorry for my bad english, i just want you to say: i love your works, your littles puppets are so cute! It's very poetic!! I love it!
a french fan ...or fan french

Bunny said...

I ♥ my Shadow drawing so much!
So does he!
Thank you so much.

You're welcome ! said...

Thanks for your comment. Can i tag your blog? It deserves to be known by the french!!

Mulot said...

Yes of course !!! (i always dream say that! It's in my second english lesson !!)
You're welcome in my blog and if you want to speak with me, click in "bla bla bla" !
Cheerse (this word is very cool, yééé)