Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Lion!

Still scruffy. I ran out of fluffy purple trim before I got a chance to make a tail, so I'll have to plan that better next time. Also tried to improve the ears, better than sticking two pieces of triangular felt to the mane I think. Oh, and he has little freckles too.


Deb said...

the colours you have used to create him are fab! dx.

ally said...

adorable lion! He has a cute face :)

Jennie said...

That little lion is so cute! I love your blog, your plushies are so gorgeous!

Srta. M said...

wow... I love your art, it' s colorful and fantastic... Can I add you to my favourites?


Mar said...

He is very pretty what beams, enchant to me.


e rega said...

Aww,Ijust read through some of your blog--your little stuffies are so adorable. I love the lion and the dragon.

Anonymous said...

Your creations are so cool!!!
I'm not a fan of plushies but these are just so fantastic and creative!
They're like soft versions of vinyl designer toys :-)

ally said...

hi again! I would like to tag you!

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