Friday, April 04, 2008

Elephant Toy

This elephant toy is a new pattern I am playing around with. I like his hat. When I was little I always had to share a bedroom with my sister. We get on, but we are like chalk and cheese. When my family extended the house, I finally got a bedroom to myself and the material I've used to make the elephant used to be the curtains in my first very own bedroom when I was a teenager! When I moved out, my mum made some of it into cushions for me, so the fabric feels like a part of me. Sadly, some of these cushions are getting pretty battered beyond repair and are full of holes, but I can't just throw them away, so I am using some of it for crafting now!

This elephant is called Paulie. Jack is on tour, so I've the flat to myself for a while. I thought I'd like the peace and quiet, but I'm actually getting a bit bored now. Paulie is going to sit with me and watch the Sopranos this evening.

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ladysnail said...

the sotry about paulie is so nice. he looks like he is searching for something to play with. dx.