Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pink Marmalade Girl

One of my little projects this week was to design a character and etsy banner for a lovely lady called Michele at Daydreams & Dandelions over on Etsy. She really liked my ACEO paintings and wanted something in a similar style. I guess she may be opening a new Etsy store called Pink Marmalade Girl as she wanted a pink illustration for it. My first thought was a sort of traditional milk maid character holding jars of pink marmalade, but Michele knew what she wanted and after a few tweaks she decided on a more contemporary-dressed girl in a funky top hat. More of a sort of honorable and modestly attired Lady Marmalade perhaps?


natural attrill said...

Another outlet for your lovely work, Etsy banners, great!
Hope all is well for you.

Kara said...

ok Marisa totally gorgeous, but I am bias cause all your work to me is amazing.
I see this being a great new success for you.
Pony arrived safely this morning as she is soooooo beautiful my neice is going to love her, my hubby thinks you have amazing talent and wanted me to pass on the message

Vero Navarro said...

I have tagged you!!

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