Sunday, October 09, 2011

Coffee and shopping

This is my second go at doodling with stitches. I draw the character in my sketch book and trace the main shapes with tracing paper. Then I cut out my chosen fabrics using these paper templates.

The background fabric is quite thin, so I can see my sketch if I lay it on top of my sketchbook. It would be great if I had a light box, but I used my window instead. I lightly trace the main shapes in pencil onto the linen so I can see where to place my shapes.

I layer up the fabric and lightly stick them down with fabric glue. I use pins too. Then I stitch them down with a zigzag or running stitch using my sewing machine. I'm very clumsy, but I like the hap-hazard look!

I add other collage details like paper and floral fabric and hand stitch the smaller shapes and fiddly parts of the illustration like the face and spirals.

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Anonymous said...

I think she's adorable!