Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Drawing with stitches

As a full time digital illustrator, drawing at a computer for around 9 hours a day makes you sick of staring at a screen. In the evening and weekends, I try not to switch on the mac.
My day job as a cute greeting cards artist is fun, but I want to start creating artworks in my free time without the burden of using a computer. I decided to use a sewing machine to doodle. I've tried painting in the past, but time and space is sparse and I can't be doing with all that clearing and cleaning nonsense with messy brushes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marisa,
How strange, I havent looked at your blog for ages as I thought you'd stopped doing it, then I just clicked on it, and you posted yesterday!

I like your little girl fabric character sewing machine doodle.
Hope we see more!

Which card publisher are you working for now? from home or inhouse? hope it's going well for you.
I'm still freelancing.

Email me sometime, would be good to hear about what you're up to.


Lindos trabajos!!! me encantan!!!!
Te felicito.Veo que no tienes el sitio de seguidores, no lo encuentro.
Te dejo mi enlace por si gustas pasarte a ver mis trabajos.
Un abrazo!!!

Vincent Desjardins said...

Your work is wonderful!