Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Knitting update

I managed to knit the front and back panels of my jumper. It's coming along, but after doing the neckline I have discovered that although my gauge is perfect I should have followed the pattern for a medium sweater. I'm quite short and small chested and I usually buy 'small' in UK shops, but as it's an American pattern I'm following, it's shaping up to be like a UK size 6. Argh! I think I can tweak it into a tank top which will still look super cute. Next time I'll get it just right!

Remember my knitting illustration? Well I was wondering about other illustrations inspired by knitting. Here are a few that caught my eye...

Izziyana Suhaimi
How cute is this?! Izziyana's work combines colourful textured embroidery with soft grey pencil fashion illustration. Her work is very elegant and feminine.

Sarah Andreacchio

The rabbit is knitting a scarf like the raccoon's tail! Too cute! Sarah's an illustrator from France and all her work is bright and busy with lots of flat colour and pattern. She's smitten with the 1950's and her work has elements of folksy nordic florals too.

Finally, here are some genuine vintage knitting posters:
I like the painted texture on the balls of yarn

1968 travel poster

French knitting poster

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