Monday, January 28, 2013

'Papercutes'... What Do You think?

My viking digi stamps in colour
I've been looking at a lot of digital stamp websites as I've been wondering if my characters would be any good to sell as downloads to crafters who want to use characters in their papercrafts. I was thinking of opening an Etsy store. It was going to be called The Cute Arcade, but I've changed my mind and I think I prefer Papercutes now.
Just print them out at home and use them in your paper crafts
Digi stamps are like clipart (but loads better in quality!). You get a jpeg file to your desktop and you print the images on your home printer.
A digi stamp viking as a gift tag
You could use the characters in loads of creative ways... Not just in homemade cards and invitations, but in tags, sweet boxes, place names... I've tried a few things below. I even made a pop up card with one of my dinosaur illustrations, which I hand painted (tutorial to follow later this week!).
Some of my digi stamps that I've been playing with
You get a colour and a black and white version
I've even seen some sellers who sell line drawings because stampers like to colour the images in their own way with watercolour or pencil crayon. What do you think? Would people be prepared to pay a few pounds for a jpeg? It seems strange, you can't even hold it! Is an Etsy shop the best place to start? I don't want to sell for commercial use, just for home use and for small profit like to makers at craft fairs. I'd love some feedback!

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