Friday, July 07, 2006

Bedford Italians

Apparantly there are 14,000 people of Italian origin living in Bedfordfordshire (that's why we have no stinkin' Starbucks because they'd get laughed out by our superior family-run authentic coffee shops) and if Italy win the world cup on Sunday they are all going to be down the Embankment waving flags out of their cars, tooting their horns and banging drums in celebration. Its great fun at the river when Italy win an important game and its been a Bedford tradition for many years. When we won the semis against Germany I was at the river with my pa and bro and half of the extended family along with many other Bedford Italians getting excited about being in the final!

The little Italian kids go nuts chanting and whistling and a lot of families go for the atmosphere and community spirit. There are some real characters too... Like the fiat500 with the salami and Italian bread taped to the bonnet of the car, the chap with the green white and red wig and matching frock and various others dressed for the occasion, draped in flags and azzuri blue. Its England's little Italy, I guess. And there's never any trouble because its family friendly, no pissed-up meat-heads getting aggressive, even though the police are present just in case. You can even get an ice-cream! Lord knows what the residents who live by the river must think.. Hey-ho, its only once every 4 years!

Anyway, it'll be great if we win because I don't remember 1982, and there's bound to be an amazing celebration if we beat the French! Perhaps I should change my name to Signora Bogg?


Garreth said...

And, of course, it will make up in part for the atomic whooping I'm giving you in the fantasy World Cup. DOOMBOTS RULE! The picture is good.

kaTeRINa said...

Signora perfect!


l love italy...i have very good memories of vacation there...

nice drawing!

Instantiable said...

The picture is neat, but what happened to breaking the cutesie habit. I demand something scary and/or sexy and/or demented. And by demand, I mean it'd be cool if you would do something like that, and then give me a post to let me know to check.

Бистра said...

i love the illo, so joyful! :-)