Sunday, July 02, 2006

Too Hot!

Feeling rather delicate today after more summer party antics. England lost the football in the cruelest way as always, but I don't mind that much because due to my Italian heritage there is still a chance of world cup glory, at least for my family. And the Bedford mob haven't smashed up half the High Street either, so well done for loosing graciously, you goons.
The red hot blazing sun is not to my taste, it makes me grumpy and my back is uncomfortable and sticky. I've been playing around, adding a few new bits to my website and sticking my feet in washing-up bowls filled with cold water.


Anonymous said...

This heat is berserk. Without my new air conditioning, I would be dead. As it is, I nearly am anyway. I liked the picture that accompanied "Bank Holday Antics" a whole lot, by the way.

κaτeρina said...

hi from greece! i was searching for some pistures and i found your blog...lovely...and very nice drawings!