Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Plush Toy Experiments

These little critters are made from my old socks. At Christmas I got loads. Its common knowledge I like stripy colourful long socks. Now I have so many I've decided to transform the holey ones that I don't wear anymore. The middle one needs stitches around his mitts. And of course I washed them first!! I'm toying with the idea of making some more. Maybe I could sell them somewhere? For the moment, I quite like the little trio sitting on my desk.

This is my attempt at a plush doll bogg-girl style! Her eyes looked really wrong, so I wussed out and just used some little dots of felt. She was time consuming for me to make, I'm not a fast sewer without the luxury of a machine, but she looks sweet enough. She now lives in my bedroom, next to the ewok and a pile of books.


Anonymous said...

these are well good! My girlfiend has just started making some toys like this from felt and wot not, we are thinking of starting a website selling them. You should do the same, if you don't i would gladly sell them along with ours.
we have lots of plans for this kind of thing


a.k.a liam, who use to be friends with Kristian at foundation course art. P.s well done geting your work published in that mag

natural attrill said...

Oh your little girl is funny, she has such long arms and short legs!
I really love her head, the hair is fabulous, a really wonderful shape, and the colour looks good with the stitching and turquoise string bow.
Your little sock creatures are great too, i love the contrast between the sock material and the felt, and its good having them all the same shape but different features. There seem to be alot of soft toys about at the moment, these socks are some of my favourites.

ladysnail said...

for your first plush-this is a brillaint attempt! very good madame! i would keep trying with them and you will soon find a way that you like of how to make them-plus it will become quicker and less time consuming! dx

•MaRCe said...

Loove the trio!! totally cute, they would really sell great!!!