Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More Invitation stuff and Zombiegirl part 2

I didn't realise just how much wedding stationery there is out there that needs consideration. I looked at some stationery websites and companies offer all sorts of things! There's the invitation, a RSVP card, a thank you card, the place card at the meal. Some design the menu, some do gift tags and then these things are all different sizes too. Phew, I have much to learn. So I'll do it a step at a time. Tonight I played around with a thank you/ RSVP card design. I think it'll serve both purposes.

And from weddings to...


A cute zombie character I drew a while back is up on the Zombie dollars website. Its just a bit of fun...

...Fun if you like zombies that is.

Zombrella is in the 3rd square down, 3rd square across. She was originally from an old post of mine called Zombiegirl.


Jeff said...

Ha! Wedding stationary to Zombies! That's awesome! Great illustrations/embroideries!

natural attrill said...

Lovely wedding illo M, I really like this style and colour combination, especially the chickens, it's going to look great together if you design all the various cards and tags etc.