Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cute Pixies

It has been a super summery day today. Its great that the time of picnics by the river with cold beer and frisbees has reached Bedford again, but where are the April showers? If we don't get some rain soon it'll all be dead and brown by the time we get to June.
Anyway, i felt the urge to draw something, so I decided on some pixies. I am very tempted to put paint to canvas some time soon, but until then i need to make an eflyer for a summer party we're organising for the summer.


natural attrill said...

I like this very much, the colour pallette and hills and fields of your wedding invitation mixed with your little characters, very sweet. I like the texture of the clouds.
Maybe the pixies would be good for embroidery digitizing for St Patricks day?
Hope all is well for you.

mermaid_misk said...

These are gorgeous! I love the limited colour palette works brilliantly x

burgerlog said...

your work is great!!!
thanks for visiting. I'll be back

Pea said...

This looks magical! x