Saturday, April 28, 2007

Painting on cardboard

Just thought I'd post those gouache paintings I mentioned from the previous post. They turned out pretty well, I 'm quite pleased. Usually I make irreparable mistakes when I paint. At least when it's digital I can press "undo" over and over if I make massive blunders.
This weekend I'm really praying my felt cupcakes reach their destination for the foodstuff exhibition before the deadline on Tuesday. I posted the pesky things LAST THURSDAY and I got an email from the curator saying she still hasn't received them. I feel pretty frustrated, all that effort and nothing to show for it, but there isn't much I can do now is there? I just have to hope that those lazy-arsed postmen get their act together on time.


Anonymous said...

These are absolutely wicked! I love these, you should stick at the painting. I know exactly what you mean about the 'undo' i even keep going to do that myself when i paint.
These are seriously good, i especialy like the second one


natural attrill said...

Oh thats awful, I hope they turn up on time, my fingers are crossed for you.
These paintings on cardboard are great, I have always liked your characters, but there is somthing so much more special about these, not sure why, I think it is because they are handpainted. The bottom one is my favourite, though both are lovely, I really really like them, please do some more!!!Penny.

ladysnail said...

wow! these are fab-totally fab! i love all the swirly lines and the colours are brill.

Pea said...

Hi Madame B,
These are lovely- the top one's my favourite. I like the way you've let the cardboard show through on parts of the illustration.
Must be strange going from digital back to paint? Which do you prefer?


priscilla said...

thank you for the comment on my blog. ♥
i really adore your work..the details you put in are absolutely amazing.

Marisa said...

Thanks guys!

Pea, I'm a bit strange, I wouldn't say I've gone "back" to paint, as I started digitally. Its good to have something tangible, to hold a painting rather than a file on a mac that needs printing. But I am a control freak I think, I can redo mistakes on a computer. With paint I have to accept them or make them work in the painting's favour somehow!

lorna said...

These are adorable. And the colours are so strong and bold and delicious. :o)