Sunday, April 22, 2007

Girly Little Bogger

I've been posting the odd photo on Flickr recently and I got a comment saying that the Little Boggers are cute but scary too. So to balance that out I made a little girly one from a pink daisy sock. Its been cloudy today so the photo isn't great. I can retake it after I've created a friend for her.
I've been painting with real gouache paint too, but only on scrappy bits of cardboard. I remember at art college being really scared of paint. I think I'm over my fear now, I don't care I people tell me I'm doing it "wrong". Once I've had a few successful goes that I'm pleased with I'll post my efforts up here.


Emm@ said...

Ahhh! She's so lovely. I love her beaded eyelashes. Gorgeous!

Emm@ xxxxx

ladysnail said...

this one is totally cute. i dont find them scary at all. there are scary scary scarier creations out there! and very werid ones too. would be good to see some of your cardboard paintings too.

Claire said...

This is cute. It reminds me of a Russian nesting doll. Please post some of your paintings up! I'd like to see them. Gouache is so neat.

Emmanuelle.Walker said...

So cute!