Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Bogg Girl Plushie

This is a new bogg girl plushie. Compared to my first attempt I have played around with the face details, made her legs longer so she sits more upright (rather than a bit slumped like the previous one) and extended her neck. The neck extension was a big mistake! Her head was really floppy so I knitted a little scarf to give her a bit of support. Her hair is still nice and big and I'm pleased with her. She is totally hand sewn and I did get a bit bored!

In the bathroom I have just gloss sprayed some Russian dolls. I bought the plain wooden dolls from ebay and painted them myself in a sort of Kokeshi style. They are so tiny! I'll post pictures when the gloss dries.


natural attrill said...

The russian doll idea sounds interesting,

Pea said...

Wow!! Love your bogg girl and also can't wait to see your russian dolls as I love kokeshi dolls!

Cathy said...

These are wonderful, Marisa - looking forward to seeing the Russian dolls!

Catherine said...

Wow she's great :) Is she going on etsy?

Marisa said...

Oh! Yes, she is on Etsy! She can be found here:

Thanks for your comments guys. It's my ambition to get a bigger place so I can find room for a sewing machine. Then hopefully I won't get so bored sewing by hand all the time! It is relaxing to do in-front of the telly though!