Friday, June 22, 2007

Russian dolls

Aw! The weather is so cloudy. These photos do no justice to these little dolls. The biggest doll is 2.5 inches tall, so quite tiny! I decided on two girls and two birds as the smallest doll had to be really simple. I could have done with smaller brushes too!


natural attrill said...

WOW!!~ they're sooo cute, especially the chickens!

Catherine said...

Wow I wish I could paint such fine detail - on a flat surface, let alone on something 3D! They're gorgeous. :)

Ali J said...

eeek!! these are SO gorgeous!! Thankyou for commenting on my blog. I love that I found a fellow girl lover... xox. I love drawing cute girls... I'm addicted.

I love your girl plushies too! If only I had some spare money.... oh my they are sooo cute! xox