Monday, March 10, 2008

Spotty Lion

This spotty lion is made from an upcycled sock (washed!). He's got a green mane.
I'm feeling really tired right now... Since the redundancy I've been making lists of things to do, my mind feels tired. I've been busy for twelve and half hours today I haven't got all the things I wanted done completed yet. I'll have to get up extra early tomorrow to do these nagging bits and pieces, but I don't enjoy being at my desk before Jack has left home for work.


Jennie said...

The spotty lion is so cute. Your lions remind me of a lion I made in needlework classes when I was at secondary school. Obviously it didn't turn out as fantastically as yours!
Try not to overdo it. You are probably tired anyway from the worry of the redundancy so try to keep the lists manageable and not over face yourself.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

your stuff is marvellous. (i found you via your profile pic on aoi forum) i would love to be able to make characters like yours! i wish you lots of luck

natural attrill said...

Sweet lion!!