Monday, March 24, 2008

Three Russian dolls

These three Russian doll images are part of a set of twelve for a digital embroidery design range for Ashlea over at Bunnycup. The whole set is shaping up and looking great and I hope she's going to love them! I spent the day doing this because it's been snowing and I have a bit of a cold. It's a public holiday today too, but I really just needed to stay in, but I had to be productive. I can't ever just sit and do nothing. Jack is at the pub now, but I didn't want to go with him and venture into the arctic conditions for a cold beer.

Oh! And my sister had a baby boy today! He doesn't have a name yet, and I haven't been to visit because of my sniffles, but I can't wait to meet him. I hope he grows up like a music and computer games geek like me, rather than a sporty type! Ha ha!

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