Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cute Knitting Illustration

I have time off work during the period between Christmas and New Years, so I have decided to try and learn how to knit a jumper for myself. I can crochet pretty well and I can knit and purl my way through many a scarf. Thankfully Bedford library has come up trumps again with loads of knitting manuals and youtube is chock full of tutorials too, so I think it might be a mission I can handle! 

However, to commemorate this challenge, I have spent today doodling a weird self-portrait of this future endeavor. I used photoshop for this. I don't think the watercolour painting is working out for me. I'm actually feeling a bit glum about my function as an illustrator these days. Maybe my new sweater will cheer me up. I shall knit it whilst eating mince pies and chocolate, in front of the television, as I've recorded loads of festive films to watch. 


Alice said...

Simply beautiful!

natural attrill said...

Hey Marisa,
I've just looked at your blog for the first time in ages, saw this post, and wanted to say, dont be too glum - your work is LOVELY, keep positive!

Marisa Straccia said...

Aww. Thanks Penny. Much appreciated! I hope you're well!x