Thursday, December 06, 2012

Grace Lutheran College

Last week I was contacted by Megan Devlin who is a Visual Art teacher at Grace Lutheran College
in Caboolture, Australia. One of her (very talented) year 8 art pupils, Kristen Catterall, had recently designed an illustration to accompany a short story written by another student at the school.

It turns out she had visited this blog and was inspired by one of my linocuts! That's a first! Megan wrote to ask permission to use her image in a book that will be self published. There will be a copy each for their Campus libraries, a copy for their sister primary school, and a copy each for the students. What a great project! I wish my school did something like that!

Well, how could I refuse? On the back page I will get an acknowledgement of my original design and it's copyright too, which is so sweet.

So, want to see Kristen's illustration? Here it is! She's done a grand job, I hope she wants to be an artist when she leaves college, I think she has a great future ahead of her. I especially like the colours she chose and she's been more detailed than me and added some background context to the character.
Illustration By Kristen Catteral, year 8
I'll be sending Kristen a handprinted copy of my original linocut to her at her school, but as it's their summer holiday now, she probably won't get it until 2013.

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Ruby Manchanda said...

Sweet gesture.